Rahda mohan 22, August Episode


In the drama serial Rahda mohan, you are going to see a lot of twists and turns. And you can't belong to anyone else We will have a great life with each other And I will never leave you And you will feel nothing And Rishi, who is Usha, 

says that I should stop writing, and she does not leave Rishi. Fe Dudh says that a lot of things have happened here and my heart feels small. Will you find this small heart sweet, friends, here we are going to tell you that Rama is very interesting.

 Jayada is crying and says that you have cheated me, why did you give it to me before, I was right to you, friends, here ISI says that it is about the country.

 You are not married before, friends, here we are going to tell you that the drama is going to be very interesting and here Fe Dudsha says how many times have you touched me before? 

 ko ek dusre ko bahut bar touch Kar Chuke Hain Pahle to Tumne Aisa has never done it, so friends here he says that earlier everything was going on, but now it won't go on. Here we are going to tell you that Lakshmi and Dida are making laddoos in the kitchen and here Fei says that your father is too romantic and he wrote a diary for me.

 Lakshmi wants me to read that diary here, Pai Data says you are very difficult, I will not let you read the diary, friends here, Lakshmi says I don't mean to give it to me, I don't know how much he loves you, friends here. 

 But Diya says that you don't get his evidence from Rishi Oberoi's Khandan, it is a Jeeta Jagta evidence and you are also ISI Tera Age Nak Badhana Se Dostu here, we said to tell here. 

 We used to love each other, but we used to love each other in secret. Even the names were too much. Because when we touch each other's hands, my senses get sick. They tell me that my grandfather used to say about me. 

 Hain ki ava what are you doing then friends Lakshmi is laughing here and is thinking that Didi says that you are also ISI tera nasal age buddhana and she goes where per Rishi one goes Rishi Lakshmi and she is looking .

very cute Rishi comes to Lakshmi's side and uses it so guys here we are going to tell you it is going to be very interesting and I have to write the next episode so guys watch What happens in the next episode?


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