Rahda mohan 29, August Episode

 In the drama serial Bhagilakshmi, you will see a very violent twist. . A very compelling twist. Here, the one who belongs to Malik is talking to her man and Neelam goes to the place where the king who belongs to Malik goes to one place in love.

 So friends, here we are going to tell you that she Neelam goes somewhere, she doesn't listen to his words, so write here. Neelam, who is used, says that I didn't expect this from you, you are the one, I will see your concern. 

 Who is Khanna made of? Using Lakshmi is not reliable. She has ruined everything. I knew that she is a girl from a small house. She is like this. Friends, here we are going to tell you that no, you should not have done such a thing. If you were there, you should have known all this, friends here, Malik Shah's maan says that I say no when Neelam and Karisma and I do not want to confront him.

 If you also forget to use it, friends, here we are going to tell you that Priksha's Maan says that since when has she been crying, I have done this, so friends, here she says that Neelam is comforting you all this. Nothing happened because of your words, I am also sa.

that what was supposed to happen happened, 

but here Neelam says that we are Raksha, don't think about anything, you are very good, look at your careless actions, I am not yours, so use everything Lakshmi. And we used to say that we are using it at home and we are just using it on the street. So friends, here we are going to tell you that Neelam says that.

 you are not saying ham uska mukabala nahin Kar paye to doston. Y ahaan Phi Neelam says we don't want to play with little girl she is not for us so friends here we are going to tell you she starts crying and here Phi Neelam says you shut up till now Friends here we are you .

It is going to be interesting with the drama of the teller, and Malik feels that Neelam did not listen to him and on the other hand, Lakshmi is very worried. The drama is very interesting, friends, the next episode is going to be very interesting. The police go to the hospital 

and do all the investigations and here the doctor has come and says that Yani was in danger and now the rhythm is six. So here is the drama of Hum Aap Bhehe Wahe Hain, which has become very interesting and Ek Chaka Hai Kya Hota Hai in the next episode


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