Rahda mohan 29, August Episode

 In the drama serial Rahda mohan, you are going to see a very violent twist, friends, here we are going to tell you that Ranbir is used a lot and here Prachi, who is there, comes to him using Ranbir.

 are Tell me do you trust me then friends here Ranbir is crying a lot and says I am doing this to you because I love you but what should I do what do you think of me? Prachi says if you are making me happy, then why are you bringing Seth in something,

 friends here we are going to tell you Ranbir. I tried so hard to make you mine, but you didn't become mine. I changed a lot, but you are still the only one. Ek hun but prachi you don't love me, I have not done anything for you, 

I even bought that flight for you in which we were talking about love and here we want to start married life. Per apne parth life shroo Kiran se friends here, what do you think that I am not happy, I am not suffering,

 whatever is going on, my phone is making me feel good against you. Main sabko mar doon se dostu here, the drama of hum aap kheil hai hain has become very interesting, here is Prachi who says that you forget everything,

 just tell me that you never do it in me. Prachi says if I have an answer or not then friends here Ranveer says that if I don't answer then friends here Prachi says that once again you will do the same mistake that you did earlier r ranveer Kahate Hain Ki Main .

Vahi ranveer hun lekin tum vahi prachi ho I have changed but you are that prachi of Vahi and today you are standing there where you stood before friends here we are going to tell you. Wow, my hands are dying from the wall and they say, where should I go, who should I think, 

what is the truth and what is a lie? And Ranveer who is there is thinking about God. Here we are telling you, it has become very interesting in the drama. It's per Atbar but he doesn't read it from me. He says that I use to love him but he doesn't love me. So friends, 

here we are going to tell you that the drama is going to be very interesting. It is per set. ahut jyada garmi hota hai kyunki Ranbir uses a lot of jyada mara and when Seth is a way ahead Ranbir is scared and tries to talk to Seth but Ranbir's FIR marks his makushka. 

 Friends, here we are going to tell you that the drama is going to be very interesting. On the other hand, Alia and Riya are very happy and say that we never thought that everything will happen.


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