Radha Mohan today episode

In the drama serial Bhagilakshmi, you are going to see the status very aggressively, here we are going to tell you that the drama has become very interesting. 

 Called that is a way Neelam says why did you say use they say I said for Lakshmi Lakshmi is the daughter of the house and use of us if we logon didn't want to take it well. Neelam, who is here, says that he can do anything for his wife from the street, so what do I look like to you? 

Who am I? The next episode is going to be very interesting. Neelam is here. She says very earnestly, "Tell me, don't you like me? I don't like you. What do you do for me? I am for you all the time."

 I have stood with you, I have said everything, what kind of family have you tried to build, if Mai was not with you, then this family would have been, if anything, try to understand what is happening to me, Lakshmi is not there either. You have done a lot for the house, my dear, I believe that you have done a lot. 

Lakshmi has done a lot for our son. You have saved the life of your daughter. First

of all, save the honor of our khandan, our family had respect, she did not think bad of him yet, she says no, I am too. You all have forgotten my point. You have to say that. I didn't say it. 

But don't think of Lakshmi as a fool. She is a very good girl. So, friends, it is a matter of talking to us here. The drama has become very interesting here Lakshmi who is coming is going to fight against which Neelam stands up and says I am Lakshmi koi chakra mein kake nahi dingi param about you the drama is going to be interesting. 

 There is Rishi who calls the game and says to him that I have to leave the call to Lakshmi in any case and you are sure to come 200 here per we are going to tell you Krishi who is they say you don't take it. My life is incomplete, 

so you appear to me all the time, so you have been with me, yet you appear to me, I am sorry for your departure. I have realized that I am nothing to you. You have been in jail with my brother, but now you return the jury, I will take you to the FIR. Se dek happens and he realizes that Lakshmi is really you and he brings Lakshmi and they dance with each other. 

 He says to Kashmi I don't think she will leave you. They say you are asking or telling me.


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