Radha Mohan Today Episode New Update Mohan Save Radha Life Upcoming News September 2022

In the Hello Friend drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, you are going to see the logon, which time will Prachi become unconscious and on the other hand, Ranbir will be very worried and that time his life is Bachchan to do anything. Ko Tere Ho Jayga, whose voice will make the next episode of the drama serial very special, and there is another side.  And that is the distance of the trip, Bar Riya is very anxious, it is going to be seen, because the police have investigated, because of which they will be taken to Jail, and the drama serial Bar Bahoot has become Jedda Special.

 But now Malishka doesn't know anything what is happening with her because now Aaliya and Riya will go to jail so this time Pallavi will be very worried and she is going to jail. Main Dalwan will try, with her voice, the next episode of the drama serial will become quite a wonder.

  And apart from that, friends, you also have to see how Riya has slipped now because this time she has come to know that the police is investigating and she will not stop using it, which is about leaving Ranbir's house. The upcoming new episode of the drama serial is going to be prepared by the voice of which you guys are going to find it very interesting and you are totally worried. Now Prachi is going to win and she is going to appear very happy

  And besides that, you guys will also get to see that Alia and Rhea will now tell Ranbir that you should leave Prachi out of the house, but Ranbir will say, I will never do that because you have always seen Prachi. It will be very special from Baar Wah Doon and on the other side Bahar is watching all the housemates supporting Ali and Riya..


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