Radha Mohan 3, September Episode

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya you are going to get to see a very violent twist here we are going to tell you if Ganapati happens today and there are all present from 22 here we are going to tell you the story of Khush.

 What has been found is what we have found but what we are going to tell you is 22. The warrior is with you and tries to ignore Prachi. Everyone goes to Ganapati and prays. 

Yes, she prays that I thought I got it, now it is staying here, it came out of the same biscuit. We are going to tell you that Prachi Jo Hai is praying and doing that you know I am Baker Shuro today, my truth is late with everyone, I am very worried, I am not going to lift my sorrow. The drama is going to be very interesting, 

I am telling you that this drama is going to be very interesting. Here is Pallavi, she is very shy and she is thinking that I have hurt Prachi a lot, what has happened. Someone is Bexor, and on the other hand, Ranbir wants Prachi a lot, but the use is not good. There are many uses in exchange for mirchi.

 What is Prachi is Jyoti and worried even before the journey of the world she brings Vikram and uses it to be done by we talk but here we are going to tell you that she and Vikram. She goes to a place and says that I have to talk to you, I don't know why I am worrying so much about Prachi's child, I don't know why I am getting attached to her, here Vikram says corona virus. She says no, 

I am not feeling this orat, baby, I am feeling a child, what feeling am I feeling here? I am going to tell you. It is interesting in the drama where you say, 'Let me do the work. If you have forgotten me at night, don't take my name. If you listen to me, you are going to me before I tell you. She is listening to all this, and she

 remembers something. Well, the bowler says to the son, take the bridge to someone else, and the boy is lost. He goes after Vikram. There is a lot of drama. It is going to be interesting here in Jabardast Dance E you are going to get to see Ranbir and Prachi falling in love or it will happen in the next episode.


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