Radha Mohan Today Episode New Update Radha Kidnapped Upcoming News September 2022

In the Hello Friend drama serial Radha Mohan, you will be able to see him. That time she will marry Mohan, because of whom Damini will not like this at all and she will continue to take her revenge, but now all the family members have come to know that Damini has blackmailed Shraddha. what was

  And now, I am married to Mohan of Sabko, whose voice is Bar Damani. She will be interested to see all this because it is not known how Radha has planned a big plan. He is more than happy, and there is another side. Bar Mohan did not tell his friends that he is Bar and will marry Radha because he cannot be without her, whose lips have touched Bar Damini as well. Mohan has started to hate the use of his face and they see him getting upset

  And besides, friends, you are also going to see that now Radha and Mohan's drama will grow in love because they will love each other a lot. She will keep getting her revenge from Radha, why is Radha trying to bring Mohan to her crib, with the voice of Damani Bhiya Puri trying to use the bar in the bar that gives jail by deception. Or not you will get to see Logon in the upcoming episode

  And friends, you are also going to get to see this now, which star is Damani, who is very happy, she wants to see because this time she says she is very happy, and that is the other side of the drama serial. The upcoming episode will not be with BF Damini because Baar Damani will get into a lot of trouble because Mohan will say that you have betrayed me.


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