Radha Mohan Today Episode New Update Radha Is Kidnapped Upcoming News September 2022

In Hello Friend Drama Serial Radha Mohan Mein Aap Logon Ko Sahaan Jaaan Hai Ki Baar Kis Tara Se Damani's plan has failed and that is Baar Radha will not be stopped from getting married Why Ki Baar Dha Chaathi Wah Mohan But Damani doesn't like this at all. It was a way and she has tried her best to stop Radha, but again and again Asman has not been successful because Radha and Mohan are together and they don't get married. They cannot live without each other

  And apart from that, you guys will get to see how you are. Damani won't like it that Radha will get married because of which she will call the police and she will file a case against him. Waja se hai baar hai baar saab gharwale will think much more than him but hai bar no one will agree with him because ki sa bhi gharwale ah se hai and the drama serial bara hai is a joke.

  And apart from her friend, you also have to see how Damini has decided that she will continue to support Malishka. The police will come to Mohan's house and this time they will take Mohan away and all this planning will be done by Damni Ji. It will be completely destroyed.

  And on the other side, Bar Ada will not be able to remain without him and they will start to love each other very much and the upcoming net episode of the drama serial is also very amazing. Who is going to meet Ki Bar with which star is there a fight between Radha and Mohan? It has been done and that is the time that Radha is going to be seen supporting


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