Radha Mohan 2, September Episode

 In the drama serial Radha Mohan, you will see a very forced twist, friends, here we are telling you that the drama has become very interesting. 

 Again, Aaliya and Riya who is succeeding in their plan, why is Seth who is back and Seetha Karan says that all this is happening and this is Prachi's child who is my child. And I will take care of my child myself, so friends, 

here we are going to tell you that Bhiya and Aaliya ji are there. Some of these two are milking, so friends, here we are going to tell you that the whole Sabbath, they are seen going against Prachi, and Riya says that one day, I saw someone believing and Sethni told me how to use it. 

 If your health is bad, then you should eat, friends, here we are going to tell you that the drama is going to be very interesting. Here, Ranveer gets very angry and I am talking to Prachi. When did you get pregnant with your child and why didn't you tell that you are going to have a child? . Tell me why I had to hear all this from the world. 

 It is not because of you that I am going to be a father. It is because of Waja that you were going to become the husband of my child. It is not because of Waja. I love children, but because of Waja. You must be urinating,

 you must be thinking that I will say that this is not your child, I will blame you, but still I keep ignoring it, thinking that they are asking you to urinate, but you have not done anything like that. I kept waiting, I gave you so many wishes, I wanted to make everything right, 

why did I want to do it, to clear all the misunderstandings from your heart, you are my life, I loved you so much, but I don't know you, you, me It has become very interesting in the drama of "Pyaar Hihi Khirti So Friends.

 Here We Are Telling You", Prachi is watching all this. Usage tell me whether you are into me or not then friends here he says I love you so I trust you if he didn't then you would never have said it then friends here we tell you It has become very interesting in the drama of Wale Hain


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